cut and style

consultation, scalp massage, shampoo condition cut and style from



clipper cut style

for those who require an all over clipper cut includes consultation, scalp massage, shampoo, condition, cut and style



dry clipper cut

for those who just require an all over clipper cut, (clipper 4 or less) from

18         (with a wash £20)


under 12’s Cut and Style

professional haircuts and styles for the under 12's

18         (with a wash 20)

cut and style for the young adult

includes consultation, shampoo, cut and style, age 13 to 17 from



father and son

come in for a cut and style with your chip off the old block (father and child under 12)



natural hair tinting

blend back to your natural colour and fade our grey from

17 to 40        (consultation recommended)


d - stress

relax and enjoy a head massage, relieve tension 

then boost up with an energy drink 10min



beard trim

trim up the full beard or tidy up the goatee

10 - 15


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